Brian at LG gives us a run down of the LG Optimus G.

Brian at LG gives us a run down of the Nexus 4.

Mark from LG shows us their smart appliance mobile application and the consumer products that are supported.



Peter from Qualcomm gives us a rundown of their new StreamBoost technology.



A few interviews with Samsung. Peter gives us a description of the newest Samsung SSD controller and we also hear that the Note 10.1 is getting a broadband update. Also, some photos of the booth they had on the showroom floor.



Intel's big reveal at CES 2013 was the introduction of the NUC or Next Unit of Computing. Using a 4 by 4 inch motherboard, and containing all of the power of a full size desktop, the NUC offers amazing power for small computing. The NUC is aimed to take over digital signature, kiosks, home theater systems, and small computing systems. The two current models for sale are the DC3217BY and DC3217IYE. Intel promises more to come. Specs can be found here.



The big announcements from NVIDIA were Tegra 4, Shield, and the Grid. Tegra 4 is a major boost to the mobile market, offering a much faster quad-core Cortex A15, 72 GPU cores, and LTE support. The Shield is their mobile gaming unit. The Grid is a cloud based gaming service from NVIDIA that will allow streaming of high end games to virtually any device. There was no demo of the Shield to use on the floor room. The video below shows a simple demonstration of Grid gaming.



Inside the Venetian Hotel's V-bar, Andy Paul, Corsair Chairman and CEO announces the recent activities of Corsair and lays out the future expansion of the company by announcing their latest Raptor series of gaming peripherals with the help of Corsair VP, Ruben Mookerjee who also showed the latest high-end products from the Vengeance gaming line.

While Corsair was excited by their new products for 2013, they took extra time to demonstrate their latest Voyager Air All-in-One WiFi NAS enclosure. Linus from NCIX TechTips was also present with a video demo ad highlighting the Voyager Air's capabilities.