At the MSI suite, Alex shows us the latest in MSI GPUs and Motherboards, along with taking us down memory lane with some comparisons of past cooling solutions to their modern GPU cooling.



Joseph from LEPA shows us their fans, as well as their power supply units.



Elaine from Enermax talks about their product lineup for 2013.


be quiet!

Kristoff from be quiet! runs through their lineup of heatsinks, fans, and power supply units.



JJ from ASUS goes over some new products on the hardware side of things. First, JJ talks about ROG's newest venture into the PCI-E SSD market with the Raider Express. Paul has a bit of banter with JJ about triple slot cards and the ARESII. JJ shows the newest mini-ITX E2KM1I-Deluxe. Then we see ASUS revamp the 990FX Sabertooth motherboard to PCI-E 3.0 and talk more about the testing done to validate the Tough Series motherboards.

Nick and Gary from ASUS go through their mobile products and wireless networking systems.



Chris and Stefano from Nero explain the newest updates to their NeroKwik mobile software.



Thermaltake shows us their new lineup of Chaser series and Urban series cases. We also get a look at the various other products that Thermaltake has to offer.

Kitty from Tt eSPORTS shows off their product lineup for 2013. Most of their lineup has received color refreshes. The Theron mouse has a changed sensor. Meka keyboards are getting switch variance.