Sometimes things just have a natural progression in the world of manufacturing and industry. It would make sense that Standard Oil would become the manufacturer of Vaseline and other petroleum based products for a time, even though Vaseline is far from fuel in the marketplace. Dupont Chemical seemed an unlikely candidate to become the largest producer of women’s stockings in the world, but when you consider the fact that they invented nylon (for entirely other purposes), it would stand to reason. The same rationale would follow in the world of computing. One of the hottest items on the market right now is the SSD, a solid state flash memory drive with no moving parts that leads to extended life and increased performance. So, who better to lead the charge of SSD technology than the memory manufacturers themselves? They have been manufacturing and refining the heart of the SSD for years.



There have been a few long lasting players in the memory market that seem to have been around since the birth of the computer. Micron Technology has been around making RAM since 1978 and, through some changes, still remains at the forefront with their Crucial Technology memory line. Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin have been around for seventeen years or more, marketing high end memory, and now both have a full line for every budget. But in the world of memory, the rise and staying power of Kingston Technologies is unmatched. Offering 100% testing and quality assurance from day one, it took Kingston only five years to become Inc. Magazine’s #1 fastest growing company. Through the late 1980s until today, Kingston has been front and center in the memory market. It only stands to reason that they would be leading the SSD charge today.

The Kingston SSDNow V+100 96GB Upgrade Bundle features everything you need to make the jump from your current spindle drive to SSD technology. At the heart of the Kingston SSDNow V+100 96GB Upgrade bundle is the 2.5” SATA II SSD featuring MLC NAND flash memory components and a Toshiba controller for blazing throughput speeds. With Read and Write throughputs rated for 230 and 180 MB/s respectively, the SSDNow V+100 is capable of application performance up to 5x that of a 5400rpm spindle HDD. The SSDNow V+100 packs its components into a metal casing for durability with standard SATA connections and 2.5” drive mountings. The SSDNow V+100 has no moving parts, thus improving reliability and keeping temperatures down. Included in the upgrade bundle is a copy of Acronis True Image HD to make your transition quick and easy, 3.5” drive adapters for mounting into almost any case, and a red SATA cable to complete your installation. If you want to take your SSD on the go, there is an included external USB enclosure, and even the USB cable to use it.