Are you a collector, an enthusiast, DIYer or a novice? If you’re a collector, you surely don’t want to read this review since there is going to be nothing for you to brag about. Collectors are the PC users who feel that if they have the best money can buy, others will be impressed and think they are knowledgeable. Enthusiasts and DIYers will gather knowledge, absorb the comparisons and base their decision on price and performance. For those of you who are novices, your benefit will be the knowledge that you will gather.

Angelbird SSD wrk 512GB


Let’s put this into perspective; how quickly does stored data from your memory get transferred and sent to your display? Seconds, minutes, hours? None of the above, its nano or milliseconds, which is faster than you can blink your eye. We measure an SSD’s performance by its read/write speeds, IOPS and access time. In a perfect world, all SSDs would perform as advertised, unfortunately nothing is perfect. Even the best of the best will underperform based on system configuration or driver issues. As a matter of fact, unless you are running statistical benchmarks or testing IOPS for a server configuration, you won’t be able to tell the difference between an SSD with R/W speeds of 600/600 with 70,000 IOPS from one that is 350/350 with 50,000 IOPS. An enthusiast or DIYer possesses this knowledge and 8 out of 10 times will choose an SSD that has higher capacities at a lower cost over increased read or write speeds. (Of course within reason) Angelbird, a manufacturer from Austria, is entering the game with a line of SSDs that may just fit this market.

Angelbird SSD wrk 512GB Angle


Angelbird's new Mainstream offering, the SSD wrk, pairs the Silicon Motion 2246EN controller with the MT29F512G08CMCAB - L85A – 20nm Micron NAND to offer top speeds and endurance at mainstream pricing. This pairing in the Angelbird SSD wrk is rated for 563/450MB/s sequential read and write, with an 70K read and write IOPS. Angelbird's Silicon Motion controller uses TRIM, overload, ECC, EMS protection and SMART, along with a wear leveling and Data shaping overprovision to provide the SSD wrk with an endurance rated for 2,000,000 hours and Data retention of 10 years. Angelbird warranties the drive for 3 years. The SSD wrk 7mm metal casing is incredibly sturdy, providing shock protection of up to 50G. This, along with ultra-low .25W idle/1.97W active power consumption, makes the SSD wrk a great choice for notebooks and desktop devices. Included with the SSD wrk is access to Angelbird's Personal Support Portal (PSP) where Angelbird offers detailed information about the purchased product as well as downloads of full version software and drivers. All that is needed is the serial number of the product and the activation key which can be found in the packing.