OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SSD Review

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Technology companies often take seemingly odd paths in acquisitions and mergers. Sometimes the paths work out well for all parties involved, but many times smaller companies are absorbed purely for patent purposes or for their technology to be used in another manner. Currently, people are speculating as to why Google possibly bought Nest. We all know it wasn’t for Google to go into the home thermostat business. Nest has something that Google wants aside from being able to turn up the heat in your house from your Android device. Conspiracy theorists will claim that Google is going to use your thermostat to spy on you….which may be true, but it seems more likely that there is a piece of proprietary Nest software or a patent that is highly desirable for a different purpose.

OCZ Vertex 460 240GB


On the hardware end, we have seen mergers that truly have made the mechanical drive market almost a duopoly. Seagate took over Samsung’s drive operations, while Western Digital took on Hitachi. This left Toshiba as the only other major manufacturer of mechanical drives, albeit on a much smaller scale. However, Toshiba knows that the future is in SSD, not mechanical, and took a big step in purchasing OCZ. While the move may have seemed curious, given OCZ’s tenuous financial situation, Toshiba knew it was a wise investment, not so much for the drives themselves, but for the Indilinx controller. Coupled with Toshiba’s ability to provide the flash to the drive at a price point that OCZ could not achieve alone, it makes perfect sense. So while we have a merger of a large mainstream company taking on a small esoteric company, Toshiba is thankfully letting OCZ do what they do best, continue producing top tier enthusiast drives.

OCZ Vertex 460 240GB


OCZ’s new Mainstream offering, the Vertex 460, pairs the Indilinx Barefoot 3 M10 controller with new 19nm Toshiba MLC to offer top of the charts speeds and endurance at mainstream pricing. This pairing in the OCZ Vertex 460 is rated for 540/525MB/s sequential read and write, with an astounding 85k/90k read and write IOPS with 21k IOPS steady-state random write speed. OCZ’s Barefoot 3 controller uses TRIM and idle time garbage collection, along with a large wear leveling overprovision to provide the Vertex 460 with an endurance rated for 20GB of host writes per day for three years, and OCZ warranties the drive for that period.The Vertex 460’s 7mm metal casing is incredibly sturdy, providing shock protection of up to 1500G. This, along with ultra-low .6W idle/2.7W active power consumption, makes the Vertex 460 a perfect choice for notebooks and mobile devices. Included with the Vertex 460 is a 3.5” adapter, OCZ Toolbox and Acronis True Image HD software.