OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

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OCZ Vector 256GB


Memory legend OCZ wasn’t always on a mission to build the best SSD that money could buy. Sometimes their focus seemed incredibly unclear from the outside, with memory skus coming and going faster than any other company I can recall, forays into PSUs leading to mixed results, and the release of one of the best dollar-for-dollar CPU coolers ever to grace the market never followed up on. With the onset of commercially viable SSDs, however, all bets were off and OCZ took a firm focus that has paid off in huge fashion, not only for them, but for the consumer as well. Now OCZ is releasing their first totally in-house top tier controller design with the Indilinx Barefoot 3 inside the new Vector SSD, which OCZ’s ad campaign justly describes as “groundbreaking”.

OCZ Vector 256GB


The 256GB OCZ Vector SSD is being introduced with some of the fastest factory ratings we have ever seen, with 550/530 MB/s sequential read and write speeds to go along with incredible 100,000/95,000 4k IOPS. The all new Barefoot 3 controller in the OCZ Vector is paired with 25nm IMFT MLC NAND, and has been extensively tested and endured a lengthy validation cycle prior to release to ensure the utmost in reliability and endurance. OCZ is so confident in the Vector’s testing that they are offering an industry leading 5-Year or 36.5TB of Writes (whichever comes first) to back it. The Vector’s Barefoot 3 controller also features TRIM support and enhanced proprietary garbage collection which delivers sustained top-end performance, rather than dropping off after several minutes as we have seen from most drives. For the ultrabook user, the OCZ Vector sports a 7mm form factor with low power consumption, topping out at only 2.25W at full activity, and sitting at 0.9W idle. The Vector comes packaged with all you need out of the box, with Acronis HD cloning software registration as well as a 3.5” desktop adapter. For a limited time, the 256GB and 512GB Vectors will come with a free activation code for newly released Far Cry 3, making for an unbeatable bundle.