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There used to be an animated Space Western cartoon called “BraveStarr”, back when I was a kid, that I watched religiously. Marshall Brave Starr had the ability to call upon various special abilities possessed by his spirit animals whenever he needed them. Bear gives him strength, Wolf gives him enhanced hearing, Hawk gave him enhanced vision and Puma gave him super speed. It was fascinating to watch an athletic polymath (polymathlete?) excel at so many things, but in reality (even without factoring the whole set-in-space Western thing), many people have only the time and talent to master one skill.

OCZ Agility 4 256GB


That is why it is important to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and realistically assess what we are capable of, especially if you plan to audition for American Idol for instance. When it comes to choosing components for your PC, you have to factor in the price-to-performance ratio and factor in whether you could live with choosing a more affordable component with less of the features you do not need. In terms of SSDs, Asynchronous MLC NAND variants offered the speed advantage on SandForce based drives without paying the premium for synchronous MLC NAND drive models. This however, raised the question of compressible vs. incompressible data for practical real world use and whether the penalty was worth it.

OCZ Agility 4 256GB


OCZ’s Agility 4 uses the Indilinx-infused Everest 2 platform, similar to the Vertex 4. The Agility 4 drive however, uses asynchronous MLC NAND so that it may be offered at a lower price point in comparison to the Vertex 4. Available in capacities ranging from 64GB to 512GB, the OCZ Agility 4 is a cost-effective SATA III solution that could fit any budget. The OCZ Agility 4 offers TRIM support, access latencies as low as 0.02ms and up to 85,000 random 4K write IOPS. The move toward Indilinx controller technology worked well for the Vertex 4 and OCZ wants to show that the Everest 2 platform could deliver a balanced performance in the Agility 4, despite using asynchronous NAND compared to the previous generation SandForce based drives.