As the name implies, IOmeter is a benchmark utility for the I/O subsystem, which is currently maintained and developed by Open Source Development Lab. IOmeter is set to use 4kb chunks with a queue depth of 32 I/O operations equally divided between read and write. Measurement is given in total IOPS in a two minute period. This particular script does not necessarily emulate real world conditions and has been known to favor the SandForce controller based SSD solutions.


ADATA XPG SX900 128GB IOmeter Benchmark

*We have tested with multiple IOmeter scripts and have found that, based on the script, it favored one controller over the other. IOmeter is a popular SSD benchmark for its reliability, but a script written for the specific NAND tested will benefit that NAND. We have chosen to use a 4K file which will be used for all subsequent reviews, unless otherwise specified*