In the past few years we have seen a number of solid state drives (SSDs) enter the market. In general, these drives have been extremely pricey, relative to the amount of storage you get. The Patriot Warp V2 tries to solve this problem by being less costly and by providing the same amount of storage as some of the more expensive solid state drives.  This drive also offers a reasonable increase in performance compared to the standard platter hard disk drive (HDD).



Overall, solid state drives are the way of the future, as they are more compact, faster and much more resilient than the conventional HDD. The only thing stopping these drives from becoming more mainstream is the high cost per gigabyte of storage. However, due to the nature of the computing industry and its ability to evolve extremely quickly, we may see these drives become mainstream very soon.


The Patriot Warp V2 is a 2.5” form factor, solid state drive from Patriot that targets the mainstream user, while offering a significant speed increase and maintaining a reasonable price point. The Patriot Warp V2 SSD is about $125.00 USD and offers read speeds of 175 mbps and write speeds of 100 mbps. The drive comes in varying sizes of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.