• Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 32 GB

    "The Kingston Ultimate 3.0 G3 flash drive is a third-generation unit for professional business users demanding high performance and a solid, understated, stylish, and cap-less design. With capacities of up to 64 GB, it also offers the storage required by some."


  • DeepCool IceBlade Pro V2.0 Heatsink Review

    "Deepcool's IceBlade Pro V2.0 heatsink stands 161mm tall and weighs a solid 981 grams. At the heart of this boxy heatsink are four 8mm diameter copper heatpipes, nickel plated along with everything else, including the aluminum fins. The heatpipes are exposed at the base to make direct contact with the processor and ideally, reduce thermal joint resistance."


  • iBUYPOWER Revolt Gaming System Review

    Think Computers

    "The PC gaming industry is changing. NVIDIA's Project Shield and the upcoming Steambox and Steam's Big Picture Mode are indications that PC gamers want to move into the living room. At CES we saw many different compact gaming systems from the likes of Alienware, Digital Storm and iBUYPOWER. Today we are getting our hands on one. iBUYPOWER's Revolt is the newest compact gaming system in which iBUYPOWER is using their own custom designed compact case, and their own motherboard. This is something new as we mainly know iBUYPOWER for using other companies hardware in their custom systems. This system is small enough to fit in your home theater, can easily be taken to LAN parties and did I mention it looks awesome? Inside you will find a watercooled Z77 system, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 and 8GB of DDR3."

    Think Computers

  • Silverstone Raven 3

    LanOC Reviews

    "We have taken a look at a whole collection of unique case designs in the past with two standing out more than the others. The Silverstone Fortress FT01 and the Silverstone Raven. Both stood out because of their 90 degree rotated motherboard design that works so well for cooling. Although no one else been making cases with the motherboard oriented that way, Silverstone is still working on perfecting the design now with their Raven 3. We loved the previous versions so I have high hopes for the Raven 3. Lets take a look to see what is new and how it performs."

    LanOC Reviews

  • Revisiting Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook

    "Technology marches to the beat of its own drum and the hard part is keeping in step with the rhythm. You may recall, for example, that we already reviewed Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook a year ago, singing high praise for its edge-to-edge display, stellar battery life, and overall performance, which at the time was the best we'd seen from an Ultrabook. If we were to compare it with today's crop of Ultrabooks, however, we'd have to sing a different tune now that Ivy Bridge is pervasive in the market. Or would we? Dell went back and re-wrote the lyrics without changing the name of the song, which is our way of saying the XPS 13 Ultrabook we have for review is a refreshed model..."

    Hot Hardware

  • Corsair H110 CPU Cooler Review

    "The H110 is a sealed liquid CPU cooler from Corsair with a 280 mm radiator and two 140 mm fans. Let's test it and check its performance."

    Hardware Secrets

  • ACER Aspire S7 11.6 inch Touch Enabled Ultrabook Review

    "The ACER Aspire S7-191-6640 has been one of my better experiences with an ultrabook. Over the past few months I've had my hands on the Cyberpower Zeus M2, and the Dell XPS14. Each of those had their own strong points and their own week points. The ACER Aspire s7-191-6640 really didn't seem to have much in the way any weak points, at least not in my experience. Of course there could always be more performance from the processor, but hey, that's pretty much true of any system out there..."

    Legit Reviews

  • Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless 520 W Review


    "With the Platinum Series Fanless 520 W, Seasonic has an entirely passive cooled power supply in its portfolio. For a passive cooled unit this device is everything but weak, since with 520 Watts you can power quite a machine. Furthermore this power supply received the 80Plus Platinum certificate, which means that at 50 percent load, the efficiency is above 92 percent."


  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review – Too Automated to be Simulated?

    "Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the game that was originally released to consoles in 2011, has finally made its way to the PC. It aims to deliver on all the points flight sim fans love, so let's find out if the game earns high marks as a top gun, or if it's just a long dart waiting to crash and burn."


  • Noctua NH-L9a Low Profile AMD CPU Cooler Review


    "The Noctua NH-L9a low profile AMD CPU cooler may be small, but it definitely isn't weak. During testing it easily outperformed the stock cooler it replaced in terms of cooling power and noise production. There aren't too many coolers available for tiny HTPCs and small form factor computers, but this seems like a great choice."


  • FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

    "Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at FUNC's first gaming mouse in their new range, the MS-3. The MS-3 is a 10 button large gaming mouse with a unique thumbzone button configuration and we are keen to see if it lives up to the quality reputation that FUNC have for their products."

    Hardware Heaven

  • Edifier Predator 2.1 Speakers


    "I would still recommend these speakers to anyone looking for unique, clear sounding and cost effective speakers. These are not mere generic multimedia speakers and they stand out for sure. If you are looking for foundation movers in terms of bass, you might want something more substantial. . ."


  • Thermalright AXP-100 Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review

    "Thinking Mini-ITX or HTPC for your next build? Thermalright drops off the AXP-100 made exactly for these environments, and it comes with options."


  • Audyssey Wireless Speakers Review


    " I remember a time when we all went out occasionally to see all the latest complete stereo systems launched from all the leading manufacturers like SONY, Philips, Pioneer, Panasonic, AIWA, Technics and Yamaha only to find out in the end that we couldn't really afford to get the highest end models featuring 10 CD disc changers (or more), mini discs and plenty of bells and whistles which of course were not available on the cheapest models. Times have changed however and so nowadays most people prefer to use their computer systems, media stations and smartphones to listen to their favorite music while at the comfort of their home and so the only real issue is finding a quality speaker set capable of fulfilling that task with ease. Well the latest Wireless Speakers by our friends over at Audyssey just might be the right ones for the job."


  • Lastest Issue of NVIDIA's Newsletter is Released


    NVIDIA's latest newsletter is packed with news on its latest hardware, EVGA Precision overclocking software and driver release updates, the GeForce Experience, along with its 'Gear Up and Get $150 In-Game' promotion. And don't forget to check it out to see if your computer is ready to handle Crysis 3. See More

  • Thermaltake Earns iF Gold Award 2013! Highest Award To Date

    Thermaltake Level 10M Mouse

    Thermaltake's Level 10 M Mouse captures the 2013 iF Gold Award with it's unique styling and creative design, earning the award is the highest accolade that Thermaltake has received to date with the Level 10 M Mouse! This achievement clearly shows, and acknowledges the innovative and revolutionary designs initiated by the ongoing partnership and collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA.See More

  • Thermaltake wins prestigious iF Gold Award 2013

    Thermaltake wins prestigious iF Gold Award 2013

    Level 10 M

    Level 10 M Mouse, with breathtaking design and ultimate creation, is value retention champion

    Munich, Germany – February 27, 2013 – Victory for the Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse, the superior e-Sports gaming peripherals, received one of the biggest honor - the “iF Gold Award 2013” on 22nd February in Munich! Standing out among 3,011 entries, Level 10 M Mouse conquers the heart of the jury by its remarkable design standard and creative engineering. After receiving “COMPUTEX d&i awards 2012”, “Golden Pin Design Mark”, “iF Product Design Award 2013”, “2013 Taiwan Excellence Award” and “2012 GOOD DESIGNTM Award”, Level 10 M Mouse has again demonstrated revolutionary design concept and future technical developments to the world! Thermaltake and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA work together closely on the project Level 10 M Mouse, and this global recognition the product has received. Each award Thermaltake received is a further indicator that the legend of Level 10 is compelling, creative and shows our corporate mission of delivering the perfect user experience!

  • Spire Launches Budget Diablo ATX Gaming Case For $29.99


    Not every DIY PC builder can invest in a costly high -end chassis to house all the components, so Spire hears the need of enthusiasts and PC gamers everywhere,when they today announced the launch of the Diablo SP1059B-R ATX budget gaming chassis, that is very easy on the wallet with a MSRP: USD 29.99 / EURO 24.95 See More

  • Introduction of the Diablo, entry level chassis

    Introduction of the Diablo, entry level chassis

    Spire Diablo SP1059B

    The Spire Diablo pc case is a versatile ATX chassis with a modest gamer look. This tower structure is contemporary and cost effective. The meshed aluminum front panel allows unrestricted fresh air intake which is mandatory for today’s extremely hot Micro-processors, Graphic cards and Data Drives. The internal design provides enough room for hardware assembly, supports up to six (6) 3.5-inch & three (3) 5.25-inch drive devices. The 5.25 bezels are tool-free and easy to remove. You can also install a 3.5 inch device such as a multifunctional card-reader. The chassis structure is all black and prepared for decent cooling, there is space for 1* 92mm fan at the rear and 1* 80mm fan on the side panel for additional VGA cooling.

  • Mushkin Announces Launch of New Website


    PC enthusiasts, gamers and professionals that demand the best, especially when it comes high performance low latency memory and SSDs, will certainly appreciate the new streamlined, and easy to navigate Mushkin website layout and design! for viewing all of the latest Mushkin products and information.See More

  • Launches New Website Launches New Website


    New Site Provides improved Customer Experience for all Mushkin Customers

    Austin, TX -- Feb 27, 2013  -- An industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical computer products, today announced the release of the new and improved site to provide consumers with a more customer focused experience for viewing all the latest Mushkin product information.

  • Lian-Li PC-CK101 Train Chassis in Action at CeBIT 2013 and More!


    One of the most popular PC cases that received plenty of attention where ever it appears is the Lian-Li PC-CK101 Train Chassis ! And it will be making at its way, along with Lian-Li full line for 2013 of new full,mid-tower, HTPC chassis,and chassis accessories at the CeBIT 2013 trade show in Hannover, Germany from March 5 to March 9, 2013.Choo-Choo! See More

  • AMG Gaming Evolved Newsletter Crysis 3 on Radeon Graphic Cards and More!

    AMD Gaming Evolved

    Tune into the AMG Gaming Newsletter and get the latest news on AMD Radeon HD optimized performance gameplay on Crysis 3, the latest updated news with AMD APUs on the Sony PlayStation 4, details for the Never Settle Reloaded promotion, and even a chance to “win a custom engraved Crysis 3 gaming PC and an AMD Eyefinity display from Asus among other great prizes.!See More

  • High-End PC Case Maker Lian Li to Unveil New Product Line at CeBIT 2013

    High-End PC Case Maker Lian Li to Unveil New Product Line at CeBIT 2013


    See the Latest Brushed Aluminum Chassis and PC-CK101 Train Chassis in Action

    27 February 2013, Keelung, Taiwan - Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, will be at the world's largest consumer technology trade show – CeBIT 2013 in Hannover, Germany from March 5 to March 9, 2013. Lian Li invites all interested parties to visit their booth in the Exhibition Grounds, Hall 17, Stand M11 and get a first glimpse of the latest generation of brushed aluminum chassis.

  • OCZ Vector Solid State Drive

    Benchmark Reviews

    "The OCZ Vector 2.5" solid state drive (VTR1-25SAT3 series) is an ultra-slim 7mm high-performance SSD storage device produced in-house by OCZ Technology with a focus on reliability. Featuring OCZ's new Indilinx Barefoot 3 storage controller, the Vector SSD series is built to produce optimized performance for enthusiasts wanting to capitalize on near-instant response times. OCZ Vector SSDs are available in 128/256/512GB capacities, and deliver up to 550MB/s read speeds with up to 95,000 Random Read IOPS. In this article Benchmark Reviews puts these specifications to test, and compares the OCZ Vector solid state drive against the leading competition..."

    Benchmark Reviews

  • Nox Xtreme Coolbay VX

    "The NOX Xtreme Coolbay VX Goblin Green Edition offers a whole lot of bang for your buck with a long list of features and some unique aspects for a surprisingly low price tag. Is it a goblin's magic trick, or is there some real substance behind this unbelievable mix of price and performance?"


  • Lian Li PC-7HX

    LanOC Reviews

    "A number of Lian Li chassis have made their way through the offices of LanOC. Each time they manage to surprise and impress us with something new or innovative. Today we get to take a look at their new PC-7HX mid tower chassis and see how it compares, not only to their own cases, but also to those of competitors. We expect it to have the same Lian Li quality that we have come to expect, but will this be your next case? Lets find out."

    LanOC Reviews

  • Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Case Review

    "Nanoxia is releasing its second mid-tower case, the Deep Silence 2 (also known as DS2), targeted to silent computing. We've already reviewed the Deep Silence 1, which received our Golden Award. Let's see if the new version also deserves our recommendation."

    Hardware Secrets

  • Cooler Master HAF XB LAN Box Review

    "One of the features of the HAF Systems is the open mesh design which allows more air to flow through the case, thus keeping the components cooler. In November 2012, Cooler Master released the latest case in the HAF Series, the HAF XB LAN Box. The HAF XB is a cube style chassis and is designed to be toted to LAN parties. Does the HAF XB live up to its nomenclature?"


  • ROCCAT Kone XTD 8200DPI Wired Gaming Mouse Review

    "I feel that ROCCAT did a very good job with the Kone XTD gaming mouse. As games get more and more complex, mice like these are needed to give the gamer more power at his/her fingertips, without having to reach for a key. MMO's demand so many macro keys and buttons, it isn't funny. Toss in ROCCAT's Easy-Shift[+] technology, and you have twice the buttons at your fingertips! The layout of the mouse is pretty generic, with exception to the button in front of the scroll wheel, but this generic layout is quite comfortable and welcome. The 8200DPI sensor will absolutely provide superior tracking precision, and a lot of gamers will love that! The construction and quality feels exceptional and will be desirable by many..."

    Legit Reviews

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