There is perhaps no other color perceptible in the visible spectrum with as wide range of symbolic association as the color "red". It is both a symbol of aggression and love as well as life and death. Banners of various political and religious ideologies have been represented by this color, spreading happiness or fear or dread and sometimes even luck. It has been the symbol of leadership and the symbol of courage but it has also been the symbol for caution and the symbol for danger. When Corsair chose red for their GT series SSD line however, it meant one thing above all else: SPEED.

Corsair Force GT 180GB SSD



Corsair is a well known name in memory and power supply manufacturing but have expanded their product line dramatically within the last five years. Corsair's product lines now also include cases, peripherals, input devices, audio, cooling and storage products. Each of these product lines are also expanding to cater to various consumer needs. Their SSD lineup for example, has products for beginner and entry level users all the way through ultra reliable pro performance drives.


The Corsair Force GT series SSDs are designed for users who want the latest SandForce based performance with no compromises. The Corsair Force GT SSD line uses 25nm Synchronous NAND for superior incompressible data handling unlike the Asynchronous NAND used on Corsair Force 3 series products. The Corsair Force GT SSD line capacity ranges from 60GB all the way though 480GB and promises ~555MB/s sequential read speed. Utilizing the SATA 3 6Gb/s interface, Corsair Force GT SSDs are perfect for building high-end gaming PCs as well as high-performance computing.