There was a sign that hung in seemingly every speed shop in the country at one time. Then again, there were speed shops just about everywhere, back in the 60s and 70s, and that has changed dramatically, as they are rare enough that many readers are asking, "What's a speed shop?” Well, back before cars went hi-tech, and you couldn’t order parts off the then non-existent internet, you went to a “speed shop” to buy performance automotive parts manufactured by the likes of Holley, Edelbrock, Cragar, Hurst, etc. These weren’t Stage I chips, or higher pressure turbos, they were much more primitive. If you are confused, think back to “The Fast and the Furious”. Remember when Dom pulled out the Pontiac? He bought his parts at a “speed shop”.

Kingston SSD Now 90GB V200+



Oh, yeah, getting back to the sign….it read “Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?” Come to think of it, I ran across the sign in a few performance boating shops, also…the point being, high speed and high cost have somehow become linked. That is less the case in today’s SSD market. With prices falling rapidly, new generations of significantly faster drives are replacing their predecessors at lower costs, and are typically larger, as well. If you haven’t made the jump to SSD, it’s a very good time to start thinking about it. Even a computer novice can make the transition easily with the tools readily at one’s disposal these days.



No HDD to SSD upgrade could be simpler than one made with a Kingston SSDNow V+200 90GB Upgrade Kit. The Kingston SSDNow V+200 Upgrade Kit includes everything required for a simple, seamless upgrade, with very little technical knowledge required. At the heart of the kit is the 90GB SSDNow V+200 SSD, featuring the SandForce SF-2281 controller, sporting 535MB/s read and 280 MB/s write speeds. Since the V+200 is a business class 2.5” drive, it is every bit at home in a laptop or desktop, and even includes overprovisioning for increased longevity and reliability. To make your transition easy, Acronis True Image disk cloning software is included to copy your existing drive to the faster V+200 SSD. A simple external USB 2.0 enclosure is included, and can be used for the cloning procedure, which is especially helpful in a notebook upgrade. As an added bonus, your old laptop drive can be dropped into the external enclosure to be used for extra data storage on the go. The Kingston SSDNow V+200 90GB Upgrade Kit makes the transition to SSD simple, with added perks for the notebook user.