Advertising is an odd game. It’s evolved through the years to have less and less to do with the products themselves, and more to do with what sticks in a person’s mind, and what an image subliminally tells them. There was an ad for orange juice at one time that featured a well-figured bikini (barely) clad woman with a glass of orange juice. The explanation given by a psychological study as to what this woman possibly had to do with orange juice was simple. Women would associate drinking orange juice with becoming more attractive. Men would think that drinking orange juice would allow them to date women of this caliber. Neither is true, but that is how advertising plays on the human mind. Then there are reggaeton songs that make you remember the phone number to dial….but you can’t remember what the number is for….



Advertising has always played an angle, that is for certain, but in years past, you at least knew what the ad you were looking at was for. You also had some idea of what the product was and could do. Then we had the wave of everything under the sun being “New and Improved”. It didn’t matter what it was, everything in the 70s was touted as “New and Improved”. In the 80s, everything was “Extra Strength”, which led to the 90s “Maximum Strength”, which were both “New and Improved”. Funny thing being, with literally everything being “extra” or “maximum” strength, there was no longer a baseline “regular strength” to compare it to. Thankfully, in the technology world, products do actually improve with measurable results.


One product with a notable improvement is the Patriot Pyro SE 120GB SATA III SSD. Coming from an already notable lineage, the Patriot Pyro SE 120GB SSD adds synchronous NAND to its award winning design to raise the bar on performance, increasing write speeds across the board on compressed and non-compressed files. The Patriot Pyro SE 120GB features the SF-2281 second generation SandForce controller and MLC NAND Flash for stellar performance, with read/write speeds clocking in at a blistering 550/520 MB/s respectively. Patriot’s DuraClass and DuraWrite Technologies extend the performance life of the Pyro SE. Full TRIM support and Intelligent Recycling handle “garbage collection” to keep speeds at maximum, even after prolonged use. The Pyro SE has best-in class ECC Protection for long, reliable drive life and maximum data retention. The Pyro SE 120GB SSD is backed by Patriot’s 3-year warranty.