Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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You probably aren’t a secret agent, are you? Well, I guess you couldn’t tell me if you were. You may not carry around classified national secrets on your PC, but you probably still don’t want people at LAN parties, or anyone, to access your personal files. If you use a hot-swappable drive, you definitely do not want people to steal your physical hard drive. We all have secrets. Here at HTL, we get all kinds of information about products that are under NDA, and I cannot afford to let something like that slip.



Today’s fast paced world of mobile data means that almost anything can and should be portable and versatile. It also means that we have a greater need for more and more data storage every day. If you have an older office PC with limited SATA ports then you may need a way to use those ports more efficiently, so being able to use multiple drives in one spot is the way to go. Maybe you are just average Joe office worker who wants to take home some of your work, but you don’t want to migrate all your data back and forth twice a day. The best way to do that, and keep it separate from your private files, is with a swappable HDD, one that has your office OS and all of your work on it, and you can just carry the hard drive instead of the entire PC.



The VANTEC EZ SWAP 3500 Series (MRK-M3501T) is a single bay, mobile rack. The EZ SWAP by VANTEC supports SATA 1/2/3 hard drives, fits 3.5” drives, supports capacities up to 4TB, and measures 187 x 145.8 x 41 mm. The EZ SWAP is crafted from high quality aluminum and plastic. The MRK-3501T is the single bay version but VANTAC has multiple sizes to fit any need. The EZ SWAP comes RAID ready and has a lock on it for added security.