ADATA AE800 DashDrive Air Review

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With the warmer weather coming on, the hiking trails are the perfect place to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Sometimes that means getting splinters or thorns in your hands when bushwhacking through brush and means that you need something to pull the thorns and clean the wounds. I find that it is always important to be prepared in these situations so I typically carry a backpack with a small medical kit and a Swiss Army knife. The knife has everything I need for pulling splinters or thorns and the med kit has some alcohol wipes and bandages.

ADATA AE800 DashDrive Air 


You wouldn’t believe how many times my kit has come in handy for me and the people I usually hike with. The same thing can be said when you are on the move with an IT job, you have to carry your tools with you. Whether those tools are software based on a flash drive or a physical tool, it is important to be prepared for any situation. The AE800 from ADATA fits the bill as a nice multi-purpose tool for IT workers or those who are on the go in office situations all the time.

ADATA AE800 DashDrive Air


The ADATA AE800 DashDrive Air external hard drive is available in a multipurpose wireless device featuring 500GB of storage. Storage space on the ADATA AE800 can be accessed using the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection or by wirelessly connecting to the drive. ADATA provides the DashDrive Elite applications, available on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store, that allow you to change the settings and access the files on the drive. In addition to the storage space and Wi-Fi capability, the drive can be used as a bridge to allow wireless network access through the drive, and the 5200mAh Lithium Polymer battery functions as a backup charger for your USB devices.