Transcend 25A3 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Review

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We take many of the capabilities of our common devices very much for granted. This seems to be the case especially among the twenty-five and under grouping. You really can’t blame them, as it stems from a lack of exposure that is not wholly their fault. Technology has increased at such a rate that most in that age group never had the chance to see the pre-cursors to the smart phone or notebook, let alone a world where the internet could only commonly be accessed by dial-up modems. If WiFi has existed for you for your entire knowing life, you likely won’t appreciate it the way one who lived with dial-up would.

Transcend 25A3 1TB External HDD 



Most of the devices we use today can capably perform a number of functions. This, of course, was not always the case. Cell phones were just that….phones. Even placing calls on them was often challenging and sending a text was more of an annoyance than traveling to see the individual and delivering the message in person. There was no such thing as a USB flash drive or portable HDD. Backups were often done on tape for extreme reliability (unless, of course said tape happened to get to close to a magnet), but was slower than the aforementioned dial up modem, or the acclaimed Zip Disk which could back up a whopping 100MB in a blazing time of around five minutes. Thankfully, that has changed. It has become quite common to see USB 3.0 portable HDD with speeds that rival installed disks, are reliable and can offer data encryption for greater security.

Transcend 25A3 1TB External HDD


Transcend’s Storejet 25A3 offers up high capacity portability combined with top flight performance using a Superspeed USB 3.0 interface. The Storejet 25A3 uses a 2.5” HDD, available in 500GB and 1TB, in an attractive slim shell complete with shock resistant internal suspension system. The StoreJet 25A3 uses a single USB connection thanks to low power intake, and cable is included. Transcend’s included software is powerful and flexible, featuring auto and one-touch backup capabilities. Users carrying sensitive data will enjoy easy and convenient AES 256-bit encryption with the included utilities, and all of the 25A3 software is completely portable. Transcend backs the StoreJet 25A3 with a 3-year warranty.