Do you remember when you were in math class, and someone always said something along the lines of “why do I need to know this, I am never going to use it”? Many people still think that is the case, never realizing how the simple equations they learned impact every day of their daily existence. Those simple foundations come into play in cases from professional engineers to a kid figuring out his monthly data usage on his cell phone. Much of the same thing can be said for Legos and Tinker Toys. Sure, you had fun with them when you were a kid (and possibly still do), but it was far more than that. You didn’t know it at the time, but you were becoming well acquainted with the ideas of design and spatial relations. With many of today’s computer cases becoming modular, Lego and Tinker Toy kids have a natural head start on doing clean builds and making the most of limited space in small form factor builds.

ICY DOCK EZ-Fit Lite and EZ-Fit Trio Hard drive & SSD Bracket





Icy Dock has delivered many products designed to make the most out of given storage space, and the new Flex-Fit Trio and EZ-Fit Lite do exactly that. Both the Flex-Fit Trio (MB343SP) and EZ-Fit Lite (MB290SP-B) are designed to mount multiple smaller drives in the space of one standard larger drive. In the case of the Flex-Fit Trio, one 3.5” and two 2.5” drives can be mounted into the space of a single 5.25” optical drive. In addition, the Flex-Fit Trio can use the aforementioned 3.5” drive space for internal drives or for 3.5” drives such as floppies or card readers with full access from the front. The EZ-Fit Lite has mounting for two 2.5” drives which can be mounted into a single 3.5” drive bay. In addition, using both together gives you the option of mounting a total of four 2.5” drives into a single 5.25” optical bay.