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Time is money. I have heard this throughout my entire life. It was not until my teenage years when I got my first real job that I realized how true it was. We are literally paid in cash for hours of our lives. Even credit is effectively a loan on the hours one is presumed to have left. I personally find it a bit humorous, though I admit I couldn’t think of a better way to do things. Because of this fact, anything that can save us time is extremely valuable to society as a whole. Yet, I am still not allowed to drive as fast as I want.

Adata UE700 USB 3.0 64GB Thumb Drive


As the processing power of computers grows, so too does the need to be able to keep a computer “fed” with information for it to compute. I hear a lot about “bottle necks”, especially in gaming circles, but I think it is the user who is the bottleneck. We are the ones who have to stop and think what to type next. We have to create the information to input it into the computer. Isn’t someone working on direct brain to computer interface? I am not sure I am ready to go full cyborg yet. In the meantime, companies like ADATA are making it easier to input information into a PC faster and easier.

Adata UE700 USB 3.0 64GB Thumb Drive


The UE700 64GB by ADATA is a 3.0 USB thumb drive. ADATA’s UE700 is 2.5 inches long and only 0.3 inches thin. It comes in a sleek black shell that uses a slider to protect the USB port. There is a blue LED on the side of the drive with textured rings radiating away from it. There is a strap hole on the back end and it comes with a leather-like 3 inch strap for carrying and attaching it to key chains or purses or anything. The read/write speeds of the Dash Drive Elite are 220MB/s read and 135MB/s write (On the 128GB model). The Dash Drive Elite comes in numerous sizes including the 64GB version I am testing. Other sizes available are 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.