ADATA HE720 500GB Slim External Hard Drive Review

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A common notebook upgrade these days is replacing the mechanical drive with an SSD. It is a very logical route to go. After all, replacing an entire two year old laptop is going to garner you very little in terms of an upgrade, excepting the SSD. The current gen Core i5 mobile really won’t offer much in terms of performance over the last gen, screens haven’t evolved much, but the SSD offers a very noticeable performance increase. It isn’t an increase that is a few ticks in a synthetic benchmark, it is very large difference that is easily noticeable. This is not relegated to only last gen, but just about any notebook is going to see a huge, perceivable performance boost.

ADATA HE720 500GB External HDD 


The one hang up here does tend to be drive size. Replacing a 500GB mechanical drive with a 500GB SSD is going to run over $300 for a quality drive. On the other hand, a 128GB SSD that can run your OS and programs can be had in the $90 range. But, what to do with all of your data? One solution is a USB 3.0 external drive. A 500GB drive that will likely be faster than your current drive will only run ~$70. This leaves you with a huge speed upgrade and no loss of storage for only $160. It also gives you the flexibility to take your data/multimedia with you anywhere to be shared on any computer. For many, this is a very obvious route, especially when a high quality, flexible external can be had.

ADATA HE720 500GB External HDD


As the slimmest external drive currently available, the ADATA HE720 takes portability and convenience to a whole new level while making no sacrifices in terms of performance. Looking from the outside, the 8.5mm thick ADATA HE720 is wrapped in a stylish, stainless steel shell that embodies a classic high quality look. On the performance side, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface allows the drive's full speeds to be utilized without interface bottlenecks, and powers the drive with a single connection. The HE720 also has the convenience of one touch backup, achieved with a simple push of a button using the included powerful and flexible ADATA Sync software. ADATA’s included (by download) HDDtoGO software provides incredible flexibility and security for the HE720, while OStoGO allows for OS setup disks to be placed on the HE720 or a flash drive for deployment. A high quality USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable is included, as is a black leather-look sleeve to keep your HE720 safe from nicks and scuffs. ADATA backs the HE720 with a 3-year warranty.