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Multi-tools have been around for centuries but none is more popular than the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Aside from the blade, the original features where designed so that a soldier may be able to eat his canned rations and disassemble his service rifle in the field. More features were eventually added later as the design and the mechanism improved over time. Different variations of the Swiss Army Knife currently exist and there is even a version for the “geek army”, equipped with a precision tool, wire-stripping tool, knife, scissors and a secure USB thumb drive.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless  


For users on-the-go, this is definitely a useful tool but sometimes a USB port may not be available, such as with phones and other mobile devices, for example. Thankfully, the storage experts at Kingston had the foresight to provide wireless mobile storage for these specific instances. Their initial design, dubbed the “Wi-Drive”, was introduced a few years ago and has now evolved into something else that expands upon the previous feature set to take into consideration the necessities of modern mobile computing. 

Kingston MobileLite Wireless


Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a flexible Wi-Fi storage device that is lightweight and portable.  The MobileLite Wireless acts as a USB hub and a card reader when plugged in to a laptop or a desktop computer.  When unplugged, the MobileLite Wireless can then be used as a wireless file server, allowing up to three simultaneous wireless device connections to access the data stored on both the USB port or the SD card reader slot when populated.  An app is available for iOS or Android-based devices, which enable users to wirelessly stream multimedia content as well as documents.  The built-in Li-Polymer battery has an 1800mAh 3.7v rating and has a 5-hour life. Should users need a quick charge in case of an emergency; the Kingston MobileLite Wireless can also switch to battery backup charger mode providing enough juice for a full phone charge when the battery level indicator is a solid green.  The Kingston MobileLite Wireless  is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X 10.5.x+ as well as Linux, and comes with a one-year warranty which includes free technical support.