Icy Dock MB996SP-6SB "ToughArmor" SATA Backplane Review

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Bees are necessary for the pollination process to happen, allowing plants to reproduce and bear flowers/food. They pick up the pollen on their bodies as they move from flower to flower gathering nectar. The nectar is then used to create the sticky substance known as Honey. The way they store the honey is pretty unique, putting it in layers of hexagonal shaped paper sections. Storing the honey in this manner allows them to keep the density high and their food source safe. Storage density is important, considering how limited the space might be in a large hive.

Icy Dock MB996SP-SB 


The use of computers, on the other hand, has created a huge amount of digital data. Humans have created so much data that we need high density storage solutions. The importance of data density is obvious when we consider entire data warehouses have been built by many major companies. Considering the amount of data is growing exponentially on a regular basis, density will only become more of a concern. Thankfully, we have companies, such as Icy Dock, that provide users and businesses alike with solutions for data density.

Icy Dock MB996SP-SB


The Icy Dock MB996SP-6SB 6 in 1 "ToughArmor" backplane cage offers solid aluminum construction that not only protects the hard drives but provides passive cooling. The MB996SP-6SB fits six 2.5” SSDs or hard drives into the space of a 5.25” bay in the hot swap capable drive bays. Active cooling is provided by a 40mm fan mounted to the back, and the fan speed can be set to off, high, or low speed. Indicator lights are also present on the hard drive bays to show HDD power and activity. Power is provided by two 4-pin Molex connections or two 15-pin SATA power connectors with the included adapters. The 6 in 1 "ToughArmor" backplane has an individual SATA data connector for each drive bay, allowing the backplane to be used with any hard drive or RAID controller.