Vantec NexStar HX4 Quad 3.5-inch Enclosure Review

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High-definition media is all around us, in our homes and in our lives. It used to be that professionals were the only people who needed large hard drive storage space because of their work requirement. Since HD video is pretty much accessible to everyone now, and people have been documenting a lot of their lives through video, the need for extra storage space for back-up or archival is a common problem. Those that are more enthusiastic in their HD video recording will soon need a lot more space than what a single desktop external drive can provide.

Vantec NexStar HX4 Quad Enclosure


With the prices of traditional platter hard drives inching closer to pre-flood levels, storage expansion is not such a bad idea anymore. In fact, larger capacity 2TB and 3TB drives deliver more value-per-dollar compared to 1TB and lower capacity drives. Users with limited desktop space, however, would be excited to know of a new storage solution from Vantec that supports multiple drives on a single external enclosure.

Vantec NexStar HX4 Quad Enclosure


The Vantec NexStar HX4 is a quad HDD Enclosure with an E-SATA as well as an USB 3.0 port for fast transfer rates. Vantec's HX4 keeps the installed hard drives within optimal thermal levels with a single 80mm fan located at the top for exhaust. The fan speed is adjustable through an analog scroll-wheel at the back of the Vantec NexStar HX4.  All cables necessary are included in the HX4’s accessory package, including a decently long USB 3.0 cable and E-SATA cable, as well as mounting screws and a power adapter. Up to four 3TB hard drives are supported for a total storage capacity of 12TB in the Nextar HX4, plenty of room for users who need data backup and for at-home photo/video professionals to store their work.