I don’t have a great memory of my first digital camera. I had purchased it while I was in high school. Digital cameras back then had just become mainstream. If anyone remembers those first few waves of cameras, they were big. I don’t know if that was due to the technology size needed for the camera, or if they were just trying to keep digital cameras the same size as the film cameras. Mine was big and bulky. The max it shot was 640 x 480. It did have a nice LCD screen, as well as a viewfinder. Sadly, I ended up breaking it on accident by smashing the screen in with the foot of a chair. I had left the camera on the ground under my computer desk and forgot it was there.



Digital cameras have come a long way from those old clunkers. Most of those old cameras only had onboard memory. Once the camera was full, you had to transfer the photos to a computer and wipe it. As the picture sizes increased, there was a need for more memory. Expandable memory was used in the form of SD cards. These cards took the load off of the camera. Now, with 3D video recording and gigantic megapixel cameras, both size and speed of SD cards are crucial.


The Patriot EP Pro 32GB UHS-I SD Card aims to meet the demands of the fastest DSLR and cameras out there. The EP Pro features the latest UHS-I class 1 transfer speeds and is also SDHC class 10 compliant. Speeds are rated to top out with read rates of 90MB/s and write rates of 50MB/s. While this is the 32GB capacity, Patriot plans on releasing 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB flavors. All cards come with a 5 year warranty. Operating voltage will range from 2.7V to 3.6V. These also have write protection switches to avoid accidental data deletion.