The Secret World Gaming and Performance Review

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I like to think of myself as an experienced MMO player. I dabbled in text based MUDs while I was in high school while playing FPS games, like Counter Strike, Half Life, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and Soldier Of Fortune. I transitioned from competitive FPS gaming to MMORPGs right around the time Star Wars Galaxies came out. My schedule took a big turn as I entered college, and I also made a friend in class that played SWG. I didn't have the time to dedicate to league play like I had prior. Star Wars Galaxies was only a stepping stone. I transitioned from Galaxies and moved on to The Matrix Online. From there, I beta tested various MMORPGs, like City of Heroes, Lineage 2, Guild Wars, Aion, Final Fantasy XI, and Age of Conan. I finally settled for a bit playing The Lord of The Rings Online.

The Secret World


When I started playing LOTRO in 2007, I was deep into the MMO press. I was always looking for rumors and gaming buzz because I hadn't officially committed to a new game. There was a buzz online about a new game in development called Cabal. The company in charge was the same company that had run a very popular MMORPG, Anarchy Online. Nobody had a clue what the game would actually entail, however, people were intrigued because of the cryptic clues that were left online. There was a poem with a Templar seal in many languages. When deciphered, the poem lead to websites with more riddles. In the end, the people that took the time and effort were greeted with a official forum. If you participated in the forums, Funcom held many events that leaked crumbs of the game out. Five years later, we have The Secret World officially released.

The Secret World


The Secret World takes many concepts from existing MMOs and blends them together with a modern twist. The Secret World uses the current Age of Conan engine and features visual advancement when using the new 600 series NVidia cards. 3D Vision is fully supported to enhance the gaming experience. The game's setting is modern day real world and uses twists of current mythology, legends, and pop culture to fuel its plot. Character development uses a class free and level free system that allows complete customization and allows exploration of all skills. Everything is tied together with a complete array of original, and not so original, monsters and NPCs. Stick The Matrix Online, Silent Hill, and Age of Conan in a blender and The Secret World will pop out.