The majority of the top grossing box-office movies in 2010 were remakes or sequels. It is undeniably profitable so I can hardly blame Hollywood for fueling franchises that already have a built-in fan base, compared to a project built from the ground up. Video gaming has been around long enough now that this year’s crop of games is equally filled with sequels. Video game development is just as profitable and operating budgets of AAA titles rival those of Hollywood’s movies, so there is no reason why video game franchises should feel any less epic in scale.

Max Payne 3



Not all video game development companies are created equal, however, and despite some titles that have the benefit of hype and a sizable marketing budget, some fall short artistically and in delivering an entertaining game. After looking at the list of sequels set to come out in 2012 and 2013, I was actually more excited about the possible release of DSM-V, that is until Rockstar Games announced that they have finally completed (after some delays) the third Max Payne title.


Max Payne 3 is the latest chapter in the 3rd person shooter title that debuted over 11 years ago for the PC. Max Payne is now living thousands of miles away from the grit and grim of New York and working in private security detail for a power Brazilian family in Sao Paolo. It is not all sunshine, beaches, and babes in bikinis for Max, however, as he finds himself in the middle of a sprawling conspiracy involving all manner of Brazilian scum from the crevices of the Favela, the swampland militias, as well as the ivory tower of ambitious politicians who would stop at nothing to add a few more zeroes to their paycheque. Max Payne 3 for the PC boasts detailed DirectX11 graphics and resurrects the "bullet time" gameplay everyone enjoyed in the original title that debuted over a decade ago now.