Almost every adult in North America carries some kind of camera everywhere they go. From the overly enthusiastic cell phone photographer to the professional, we all end up with something that's been documented in video and we want to share with the world. The internet and YouTube have become a haven for "Mr. Blurrycam", pranks, and the amateur aiming for Hollywood. But, for many, our knowledge of video editing is limited to whatever controls YouTube has made available on the video uploader.

Camtasia Studio 8


TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 8 is a video editing studio that's available both for PC and Mac. Camtasia offers a selection of features including a Multi-track Timeline, audio and video effects, Remove a Color, Callouts, Zoom-n-Pan, transitions, Narration, webcam recording, closed captions, quizzes, and Screen Recording. Camtasia allows even an amateur to have access to the tools necessary to create intricate video projects. While $299 isn't bargain-bin pricing, it allows someone new to begin creating great videos without investing their life savings.



  • Screen Recording
  • Import HD video, photos, music and more
  • Remove a Color
  • Crop, Stitch & Copy videos
  • Multi-Track Timeline
  • Media Asset Library
  • Visual Effects
  • Animate Content
  • Quizzing
  • TechSmith Smart Player
  • Upload striaght to YouTube