Cyberlink Director Suite 11 Review

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In a media centric world computers are a huge part of producing quality media productions. One of the biggest reasons for this shift is the speed and simplicity that video, audio, and photos can be edited to create a professional project. With the popularity of social media and entire news outlets putting their broadcasts on sites like YouTube, it is important to be able to produce quality digital video. Not everyone has the best video and photo equipment at their disposal, so being able to improve the image quality is important. Having a media suite with the ability to apply enhancements, transitions, and effects is necessary to meet the expectations for modern presentations.

Cyberlink Director Suite


Cyberlink is a leader in developing media editing software. In their newest update they have created a suite of software that consumers and professionals alike can appreciate. Their Director Suite has all the desired tools to create professional quality videos in an easy to use package. It includes support for the newest 4K resolution standards and 3D imaging. Along with many included effects, transitions, and title screens to choose from. The software is designed to be easy enough for the novice, but powerful enough for the professional to create complex projects.

Cyberlink Director Suite


The CyberLink Director Suite has four software packages for editing images, audio, and video. The Cyberlink Director suite includes PowerDirector 11, ColorDirector, AudioDirectory, and PhotoDirector 4. These software tools give you the ability to do video editing, color corrections on video and photos, audio correction, as well as photo editing and organization. All four of the programs integrate with each other and can be bought separately or together in the Director Suite. Of course the Directory Suite is the ideal solution since everything you need to create impressive video productions is included.