If you know your way around a computer, chances are that you are the designated video or photo editor in your family. Your aunts, in-laws, parents and other annoying relatives would bring in the hundreds of hours of footage they took and the hundreds of gigabytes of photographs they shot from their last trip. If you are lucky, it would be of something interesting, like Machu Pichu or Paris, but most likely it is just their video document of a Canasta tournament down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cyberlink Media Suite 10 Ultra

Shooting videos and photos has become so extremely easy that more and more people have been producing content. The problem is, not many are eager to edit or organize them, since most people find the task overwhelming with all the different programs you have to use, or just simply confusing because of the various file formats involved and the incompatibilities they present across various platforms. There is also the issue of price, since cost of software tends to add up once you are done shopping for a photo editor, a video editor, label maker, DVD or Blu-Ray burner, etc. Cyberlink has aimed to resolve this dilemma with the introduction of their Media Suite 10 software.

Media Suite 10


Media Suite 10 collects 11 programs from Cyberlink’s stable and combines them in a single, organized package. Cyberlink’s Media Suite 10 allows users to organize, play, create, convert, burn and share various multimedia content. Compatible with Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8, Cyberlink Media Suite 10 comes in two versions: Pro and Ultra, retailing for $99 and $129 respectively. Both versions are similar except for the addition of Blu-Ray feature support, Dolby True-HD/DTS-HD support, Intelligence SVRT rendering technology, and 3D feature support in the Ultra version. The Cyberlink programs included in Media Suite 10 are: PowerDVD 12, PowerDirector 10, Power2Go 8, MediaShow 6, PowerProducer 5.5, WaveEditor 2, MediaEspresso 6.5, PowerBackup 2.6, PowerDVD Copy 1.5, LabelPrint 2.6 and InstantBurn 5.