When a door is unlocked you expect to have open access to everything that may be inside. You probably wouldn’t expect to have limited access to certain parts of the interior. This is something we happen to come across quite frequently. How many video games have you played that claim to give you access to all its accessories but always seem to leave just one or two items locked, just to add a little annoyance? This happens to be true with computer hardware as well, specifically video cards and processors. Sure they may give you an unlocked multiplier or access to additional voltage settings but normally that‘s all you get and what you may desire the most is inaccessible.



Times are changing; Intel has listened to its hard core users and has produced a totally unlocked processor. The 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor, codenamed “SandyBridge” (specifically the K- Series), offers a fully unlocked core multiplier, power and memory ratios (DDR 3), as well as an unlocked graphics multiplier. Graphics Multiplier? Yes, you read correctly, the new “SandyBridge” processors come with Intel’s newest DirectX 10 HD Graphics (3000) on the same chip, which can reach dynamic frequencies up to 1350 MHz.


The Intel 2600K “SandyBridge” Processor is one of the Intel 2nd Generation Core processors and is fully unlocked. The Intel 2600K comes equipped with Intel’s latest micro architecture, and Intel 6 series chipset compatibility. Stock processing speeds are set to 3.4 GHz and it utilizes an integrated memory controller which supports DDR3 dual channel memory.