Is it just me or do you still have to have a PC? If you are like me, you probably have mobile devices and use them on occasion to check an email or maybe look at a short video here and there. When it comes to productivity, mobile devices just don’t cut it. (No, I’m not talking about a laptop.) My everyday computing needs may be more productivity based than most. I hate small screens and you can’t transcode a 2GB video or create a large Excel spread sheet on a tablet or iPad. For those of you like me, there are two options, a Mainstream desktop or an Extreme desktop.

Intel Haswell Core i7 4960X Box


For those of you who do your everyday computing on a PC, there are mainstream systems available that will more than suit your needs. You can enjoy gaming, checking emails, surfing the internet and even chronicle your entire life on video or pictures. For those who need pure processing power, Intel has had a line of Extreme processors for years. These processors are built for power users, those of you who need the larger caches, more threads and compute power. Those of you who are doing CAD work, Excel spread sheets, running computations or fragging your friends with multiple video cards and monitors. Those of you who have not upgraded your Extreme processor in a few years may want to. Intel has introduced the 4th Generation Extreme Processor in its Core Series.

Intel Extreme Core i7 4960X


The Intel 4th Generation Core i7 4960X is one of multiple desktop and mobile processors Intel has introduced. The Core i7 4960X is a hyper-threaded (6 core/12 Thread) 3.6GHz processor which has a turbo boost up to 4.0 GHz. It features a 15MB cache, 40 PCI Express lanes, an integrated memory controller capable of four channels and is fully unlocked for performance tuning. For the technical minded, the socket for the Ivy Bridge - E processors is LGA 2011, it is 22nm, uses the same X79 chipset as the 3rd Generation Extreme Processors (with a BIOS and Chipset update), 1.86 billion transistors and has a die size of 15.0 mm x 17.1 mm [257 mm2]. Compared to the prior generation, the Core i7 4960X is up to 18% faster in compute intensive performance, 4% faster in everyday computing and 10 % faster in 3D modeling. This is all accomplished with a 130W TDP.