f you’ve frequented PC enthusiast websites, “Bottleneck” is a word that you are probably familiar with. Simply put, it is the delay experienced during data transmission between one component to the next. It is sometimes because of the inability to process the data on hand before the next batch of information comes in. Technically, every system component experiences varying degrees of bottlenecking that occurs at a given time. It is when the bottleneck becomes too noticeable or becomes too much of a hindrance in productivity that people pay attention to the issue.



Even if the user is equipped with the latest components, there is no fool-proof guarantee that these components will not cause bottlenecks when communicating with each other since there is also something called “software”. Software is an intermediary between the end-user and the hardware, so if software isn’t updated and optimized to handle this new hardware, the full potential will never be realized. When picking the right processor for optimal high-end performance and minimal bottlenecking, it is important that there is a thriving software ecosystem compatible with your hardware. It goes without saying, but also having raw computing power significantly helps the equation.


The Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition is the highest-end CPU in the first batch of Sandy Bridge Extreme processors. The Intel Core i7-3960X, like the previous generation’s six-core i7 Extreme processors are fully unlocked for overclocking. A simple multiplier adjustment and voltage increase can push the hex-core, 12-threaded 3.3GHz i7-3960X processor to a 40% overclock or beyond, depending on the capabilities of the motherboard on hand. With a massive 15MB Intel Smart Cache size and Quad-channel DDR3 memory support, the Intel Core i7-3960X pushes the boundaries of desktop CPU performance beyond anything the personal computing scene has ever witnessed.