Intel has had a long history of quality CPU chips that have always pushed the envelope in processing technology. The Pentium processors of over a decade ago brought leaps and bounds to the technology of computer processors. The LGA 1336, Core i7 processor family, codenamed Bloomfield, is no different. Along with the tradition of quality CPUs, Intel has always done an excellent job of covering the entire market from mainstream to enthusiast users. This careful attention to market needs has led Intel to be the premiere name in the chip market.



The Core i7 Nehalem processors were launched in November of 2008 with three different levels of CPUs. The 920 and 940 CPUs were introduced as a 2.67GHz processor that covered the mainstream market nicely. The price points were a little on the higher side during their introduction, but advanced technologies now featured on the chip, such as integrated memory controllers and hyper threading, really made the increased cost worth the investment. On the enthusiast and high end user level, is the chip to inherit the title associated with the flagship chip of the LGA 775 series, named the extreme series processor.


The Intel Core i7 965 Extreme carries the title of the flagship Core i7 CPU. The Core i7 965 Extreme fits the needs of the high end and enthusiast users perfectly. The extreme edition for the Core i7 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps with its exceptional speed out of the box, as well as the unlocked multiplier for the core clock. This chip sets forth to maintain the high standards at which Intel holds their chips, and to dominate the high end chip market even in stock trim.