One of the most unsung pieces of equipment in a computer is the PSU. To the average users, it is barely an after thought. Just unpack the computer and plug it in, then you're good to go. This goes for most electronics, just plug them in and make sure that the lights turn on. But not having enough power to the computer can lead to some hardware problems and performance issues from the computer, which usually leads most good trouble shooters to one question.


The most common question, and usually the first one asked, is "is it plugged in"? When you plug your three new graphics cards in to run in Crossfire or SLI and it does not fire up, you may not have enough power to carry the load of all those new graphics cards. The PSU may be the last thing you check because it usually is an after thought. But when you finally do get to the PSU, you may find out that you only have a 300 watt PSU in there. So after confirming that your problem is the PSU, your next step would be to decide on how much power and what features you are looking for.


The NZXT Power Performance 800 Watt Power Supply is here to help meet your power needs. The Power Performance 800, also known as the PP800 by NZXT, has gold connectors and is designed for low noise output. The PP800 has an intelligent control silent fan which helps control the low noise from the PSU. The Power Performance by NZXT is both SLI and Crossfire ready, so you can run the graphics card brand of your choice.