Have you ever been to a car show? One of the most popular questions that pop up while you attend one is, "What do you have under that hood?”, and then you hear an answer of  “Only the best”. I personally think that’s an important concept when it comes to finding the right power supply. I wouldn’t think of using that much power in a car, or in this case (literally), a computer.

Antec TP-550 Power Supply


I would hope that you would agree with me that it is important to have a dependable power supply, especially one that can give you enough power to let you perform your needs and wants on your computer. I know people out there that don’t even play any games, that would just use the computer for e-mails, financing, and occasional surfing on the internet. If this classifies you as that type of person, it is still good to have a power supply that is capable of keeping your computer running under loads of stress from data. If you don’t have sufficient power for these needs, it could lead to computer malfunctions, such as being unresponsive, and no one would enjoy that.

Antec TP-550 550W Power Supply,  Box Front


The Antec TP-550 is the product we are going to test drive. The TP-550 by Antec is our engine under the hood. It supports multiple GPUs and Dual/Quad core processors. The TP 550 includes one 6-pin and one 8-pin connectors for PCI-e graphics cards. Antec is highly appraised for power supplies, as well as other computer components they manufacture. TP is the acronym for “True Power”. It’s time to test it out and see if it does indeed yield True Power.