"Et tu, Brute?" This is what Julius said to his close friend, Marcus Junius Brutus, as Marcus stabbed him, on the Ides of March, according to Shakespeare. And it was all over power. There have always been powerful figures in literature and history, and they all have fallen at one point or another. Power has corrupted individuals and made close friends enemies. Power has changed history and shaped the world we live in, and technology has always been a source of power. When we first invented armor, or the musket, these things changed the world forever.


Most new technology requires power and, depending on what you use, it may require a wealth of power. Computers have always needed a power source. When they first came out, they were small, but as time went on, they grew in watts and size. Not to mention the amount and types of cables that they have. Heck, I came across a connector the other night that I had forgotten was on power supplies at one point because I have not cracked open a Dell GX 110 or any older computer. But sometimes it is fun to reminisce, like about 5 1/4" floppies and how, eventually, they ended up as Frisbees. So as computers get faster, use more storage, become more powerful, and require more peripherals, they will need bigger power supplies.


The Antec CP-850 850 watt Power Supply is here to satisfy your power needs. The CP -850 by Antec is designed for the Antec Twelve Hundred, P183, and P193 cases.The Antec CP-850 is compatible with multiple graphics card having both six pin and eight pin connectors. The CP-850 is semi modular, which cuts down on the extra cables hindering air flow through the case, not to mention, it cuts down on clutter. The CP-850 has a dual PCB layout which keeps the 850W Antec running at its coolest and allows for heavy duty components, as well. The Antec CP-850 has a 120mm fan to keep air moving, not only through the power supply, but also through the case.