Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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You really can’t please everybody all of the time with one item, but that is often a good thing. What makes this good is that it calls for a wider diversity of products with different feature sets. Think about it for a second; when you are shopping for a product you most likely find yourself coming down to “product A has XYZ, while product B has JKL at the same price point”. While both products serve essentially the same function, each will have certain characteristics or features that the other does not. I have heard many people say that both products should simply have all of the features, but that simply isn’t feasible.

be quiet! Power Zone 750 Watt Power Supply


The reason this is not realistic revolves around price points. Every feature a manufacturer puts into a product costs money in way or another. You may see a particular chip in a unit that has a capability disabled and wonder why, and many times it is due to a licensing fee. While the hardware cost is covered, that fee may escalate the price of the product. Essentially, manufacturers are attempting to balance feature sets that will be advantageous to consumers while keeping the product at a price point that will be competitive. Some manufacturers will even skimp on individual component quality in order to stuff in more features, but what good is a bunch of features on a unit that does not work? It is all about balancing these things out, but starting with a quality platform is of utmost importance.

be quiet! Power Zone 750 Watt Power Supply


The goal of be quiet! with the Power Zone 750 is simple; solid power delivery with the most sought after top tier features and no fluff at a reasonable price point. In terms of features, the be quiet! Power Zone 750W accomplishes this with a fully modular cable system with excellent layout, all solid caps, 135mm Silent Wings fan and 80-PLUS Bronze efficiency. The Power Zone 750 features a 744W/62A single 12V rail utilizing Active Clamp Technology and voltage regulation under 2%. Minor rails use a DC/DC converter for greater efficiency and regulation. The built in Silent Wings fan is speed controlled by internal temperature keeping things silent during normal computing and ramping up the speeds as needed. Three external fans 3-pin can be connected directly to the Power Zone 750 that will operate using the same voltage regulated fan curve. The Power Zone is Haswell/C6 ready, and adheres to the latest ATX 2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards. The Power Zone 750W is built with top quality components, including 105 degree rated solid caps, and is backed with a 5-year warranty.