What is it that separates a run of the mill ‘mainstream’ product from an elite ‘high end’ product? Certainly not the price tag alone, since many times cost has no bearing on quality. There are design and engineering traits, that is a given, but these are not enough. The best designs are still of little value if they are not executed correctly. With this goes a need for proper material usage, incredible attention to fit and finish, and an eye for finishing the smallest details correctly.



Were you to buy a Bentley, you certainly wouldn’t expect the driver’s seat back to be covered using a garbage bag and duct tape, due to the manufacturer being a few inches short on material that day. A small indiscretion of this nature would cheapen the look of the entire package. So why do something similar inside your case? We have all had it happen. You buy everything for your new build, get it all together……and that one cable (or two, or three) from the power supply is just too short for proper cable management. Well, it’s time to put down the heat shrink and multicolored wiring and finish up with the detail you wanted from the start.


NZXT Premium Individually Sleeved Cables can be the final ‘finishing touch’ to your new build. NZXT Premium cables are high quality, black sleeved cables with high quality black ends, that can get your power to where you need it, without sacrificing on appearance, quality or cable routing. NZXT Premium Cables offer extensions for 24 pin MB, 4/8 pin MB, 6 and 8 pin PCIe, SATA and even 3 pin fans. With all of these options , there is no reason to sacrifice anywhere in your cable routing scheme.