Style means so much these days, whether it be the way we dress, or the cars we drive, or our gaming rigs sitting on our desk that no one ever sees anyway until we post pics on Face Book. Our style can say a lot about us, as a person, it can give hints about maturity and even taste in music or other interest. I know I was guilty, and I see many other custom builders do the same thing over and over again; our first build is a gaudy flashy blinking monstrosity of lights and windows. Then our second build is a polar opposite, a simple case with no frills, simply built for function. Finally, by our third build, we often have found balance between form and function, the windows allow us to peer into the beauty that is our rig, the lights are subtle but illuminate the internal workings but it is clear that we built for function and not flash. This may not always be the case, but I think you will agree it is common enough to joke about.

Cougar CMX 850W PSU


More and more, I see manufacturers divided, some making products clearly geared for first time builders, adding as much flash to their products as they can, while others make products more directed towards the builders who simply want a working PC with no pomp or flash. I think experienced builders know what speaks for itself, good solid products that are top of the line and get the job done with room to spare stand out all by themselves, yet it is still good to see that many of those types of products are designed with a sensible sense of style. One item that often lacks that sense of style is the PSU, I have seen so many case mods (and some new and up and coming cases) that have panels which simply hide the PSU because it is just a block of metal with a bunch of wires protruding from it and often just painted black. That does not need to be the case.

Xigmatek Vector P700 Power Supply


The Cougar CMX 850W PSU is an attractive PSU. The shell of the CMX 850W by Cougar is painted in a stylish black with red accents and are branded with the Cougar name and signature cat profile image, that make for a simple yet stylish change from the bricks I am used to. The CMX 850W is semi-modular which means users can use only the cables they need. Cougar has opted to use a double ball bearing 140mm fan in this PSU. The CMX PSUs are 80 plus Bronze rated (up to 89%), are protected by OCP, SCP, OVP, UVP, OPP. The main capacitor is a 105C Japanese capacitor for better reliability and durability. Cougar has conformed to ErP Lot6 2013 and its energy consumption on standby is < 0.3W. The additional modular cables are all flat, wrapped in a black shrink wrap style material, and branded with the Cougar name. The Power supply measures L160 x W150 x H86mm and so is somewhat larger than other PSUs of similar power but easily fits standard cases.