Cooler Master GX II 650W Power Supply Review

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Sometimes it is hard to think of anything to say, or write about. I am having a particularly tough time right now trying to decide how to open up a dialogue with you, the reader. What can I say that will gather your interest and simultaneously give me a segue into the topic of discourse? I could talk about lightning, for example, did you know that the amps and voltage of lightning strikes varies so much that strikes have been reported at 10,000 amperes but some as high as 200,000 amperes? Lightning would make a pretty terrible and unstable power source.

Cooler Master GX II 650W Power Supply


It would be nice though. Think about it, no more paying high energy bills. Just put some copper rods on your roof and gather your own electricity. (Don’t try this) The problem is that everything we use electricity for requires very stable and predictable currents. We cannot suddenly have more watts running through our lamp or toaster, and the more complex the device the more precise that power needs to be. I feel certain saying this, the computer is likely the single most complex device in any household today. That is why we use Power Supply Units (PSU). They convert and regulate our current from the wall into a stable and usable current for our computers.

Cooler Master GX II 650W Power Supply


Cooler Master released their GX II line recently, priced at $69.99. The 650W GX II by Cooler Master is a nonmodular PSU that is 80+ bronze rated. This is the second generation of the Game Xtreme PSU family. There are a few changes to the updated power supplies, but for the most part the PSUs remain the same. They share the same color scheme layout and they share the fact that they are single rail systems. The updated PSUs now come with silent HDB fans allowing for silent operation. The new feature to pay attention to is the always on USB power, which allows for charging of phones or tablets or anything that plugs into a USB port.The PSU measures 150 x 140 x 86mm (WxLxH) and so fits any standard case.