Xigmatek Vector P700 80-PLUS Platinum 700 Watt Power Supply Review

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Some may think that the whole zombie thing has gotten played out….and it probably has at this point. Mind you, it is nowhere near as played out as teen/twenty-something vampires, and Bram Stoker is probably rolling over in his grave at this point. That is, if he isn’t actually a vampire, in which case he apparently lives in a really nice pad in California with an entourage. But, back to zombies and why we have had a period of such fascination with them.

Xigmatek Vector P700 Power Supply


Given that the fascination came at a time of such economic and social turmoil, one has to wonder if we were all subliminally hoping for endless life or rebirth. Or did we just see the state of the US economy as a brain and flesh eating nightmare well represented by a zombie apocalypse? Strangely, though, we also saw some companies that we believed were left for dead rise up again. One of those companies is Xigmatek. After a quiet period, Xigamtek has begun releasing more of their innovative designs into the market, including the new Vector line of PSUs.

Xigmatek Vector P700 Power Supply


Xigmatek’s new Vector P700 PSU combines distinctive styling with 80PLUS Platinum efficiency and a couple of new cooling twists. The Xigmatek Vector P700 uses new Reverse Thrust to actually run the fan backwards at startup to blow out any accumulated dust. After this initial 30 seconds, the 135mm Xigmatek fan goes into normal rotation with temperature controlled speeds for optimal quiet and cooling. On the power end, the P700 boasts a single 12V rail capable of 696W and semi-modular cabling with only MB cables permanently attached to the chassis. The Vector P700 is SLI/Crossfire ready with four 6+2 pin PCIe connectors on two cables. Six way protection circuitry keeps your rig safe, while PFC of .99 ensures precise power delivery to all of your components. All of this is housed in the very unique Xigmatek Vector chassis with intricate angles and finished in black and silver.