be quiet! Power Zone 850 Watt Power Supply Review

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Consumers, especially tech addicts, fall prey to overkill far too often. I am not referencing the classic song or album from the early days of Motorhead, though it would be easy to see the confusion. Yes, “No Class” lifted ZZ Top’s classic riff from “Tush”, but it did it so much more aggressively. Then again, did Motorhead ever do anything that wasn’t somehow more aggressive? Lemmy Kilmister’s vocals alone were often enough, always sounding like he was gargling broken glass. But I digress, it’s overkill purchases that we are supposed to be talking about here.

be quiet! Power Zone 850 Watt Power Supply


So, what do I mean by “overkill”? Simple, I am talking about buying items well beyond one’s needs. In the tech world we see examples of this all the time. One of the most common is the “I need a fully modular 1000 watt 80-PLUS Platinum PSU for my 4670K and GTX 770”. Obviously, this is a huge case of overkill. Not only is the consumer paying for a lot of wattage capabilities that can’t be used, but the actual differences in power usage between the 80-PLUS certifications isn’t as great as most assume. However, the fully modular part is always nice to have, provided the cable set is well thought out. The importance of the cable set is often overlooked, but depending on the way the connectors are configured, you may wind up using a couple more cables with one PSU over another. So, as always, it is all about matching your components for the best fit in your budget, and knowing that the most expensive unit is not always the best choice.

be quiet! Power Zone 850 Watt Power Supply


With the new Power Zone 850 watt PSU, be quiet! has delivered a unit that delivers top tier features and performance, but does so at a price point that is very reasonable. The be quiet! Power Zone 850W shows off a fully modular cable system with excellent layout, all solid caps, 135mm Silent Wings fan and 80-PLUS Bronze efficiency. On the power end, a single 12V rail capable of 840 watts/70 amps uses active clamp design with regulation keeping output voltages within 2%, while a DC/DC converter is used for the minor rails for greater stability and low noise. Keeping things cool is a 135mm be quiet! Silent Wings fan utilizing a fan curve that provides quiet cooling and stays on for three minutes after shutdown to give components a proper cooling off. This same fan controller can be used for three additional 3-pin fans with connectors on the case. The Power Zone is Haswell/C6 ready, and adheres to the latest ATX 2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards. The Power Zone 850W is built with top quality components including 105 degree rated solid caps, and is backed with a 5-year warranty.