Antec HCP-850 Platinum 850W Power Supply Review

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I feel like we are living in a world that is obsessed with power and efficiency. It all started with the industrial revolution and the ideas that made factory lines efficient. Each factory worker had a station on the factory line and their task was to do the same thing over and over again. By setting up the tasks in this manner, workers became extremely efficient at performing their task, thus enabling the factory line to move at a higher speed. Now it is a bit different, as the current culture is that we will not settle for a lower amount of power but we also don’t want to pay for it, whether that is in gasoline or electricity does not matter.

Antec High Current Pro 850W Power Supply


“Global Warming” is certainly another reason for the obsession of efficiency, ideally to reduce carbon emissions. One thing that this culture has caused is more standard setting organizations to be created. For computer power supplies, we have the 80 Plus group which certifies PSUs based on their efficiency rating from 80% minimum all the way up to a platinum rating with a 94% maximum efficiency. They don’t just take the manufacturer's word for granted either, they push the power supplies to their max to ensure that they really meet their set standards.

Antec High Current Pro 850W Power Supply


The Antec HCP-850 Platinum is an 850 watt PSU carrying the 80 Plus Platinum rating. The Antec HCP-850 Platinum is fully modular featuring stealthy black sleeved cables. The fully modular cables include the first ever 20 + 8 pin ATX connector for future expansion (still 24-pin on motherboard side), as well as 16-pin connections to allow future connections. Connectors include six 4-pin Molex connections, nine 15-pin SATA power cables, one floppy cable, one 4+4 pin ATX/EPS connector, one 8-pin EPS 12V, six 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors, and one OC Link cables. The HCP-850 Platinum has four 12V rails to accommodate all of its various connectors; these rails can provide the full 850 watts of power and up to 40A on each rail. Along with the 12V rails is 25A on both the 3.3V and 5V rails, with up to 130W of power available. Cooling is provided by a 135mm Dual Ball Bearing fan with a variable speed controller. Ideally, this will keep the PSU as quiet as possible while providing sufficient cooling. Being Platinum rated also means that the PSU is up to 94% efficient, reducing overall electrical costs. A full suite of power protection circuits are included and the quality components are backed by Antec's seven year warranty.