Thermaltake SMART Series SP-750M PSU Review

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Efficiency is something that humans strive for with everything we do. This varies from how we handle paperwork at a job to how we put up a building. In particular, transportation is one issue where efficiency really comes into play. Whether that involves planning a bus route or the complicated task of arranging air traffic, the bottom line is that being inefficient will end up costing extra money and time. Eliminating inefficiency fits into everyone’s life and if you are good at it, then you are able to successfully plan anything. The same efficiency issues can be said for how data and electricity are transferred in the computing world.

Thermaltake Smart M750W Power Supply


A PSU is the heart of a system, providing power and circulating it to the other system components. If the PSU is inefficient, not only does it cost more money to run the system, but there is also the chance that a system will be unstable. Using a quality power supply is the start of a stable system, especially when overclocking is considered. Thankfully, we have the 80 Plus standards that provide an easy way to tell what type of efficiency an power supply is rated for. The 80 Plus organization performs extensive testing against power supplies and certifies them based on how well they perform.

Thermaltake Smart M750W Power Supply


The Thermaltake Smart-M 750 Watt SP-750M PSU is a semi-modular power supply. The hard wired cables for the Thermaltake SP-750M include the 24 Pin ATX and 4+4 Pin CPU connector. Modular connectors are provided for the four PCI-E (6+2 pin), nine SATA, six 4-pin Molex, and one 4-pin Molex to FDD converter. All of the modular cables are flat for easy routing and the hard wired cables are sleeved in mesh to keep them neat. The single +12V rail is used in the SP-750M and produces up to 62A of power. The PSU's 80 Plus Bronze rating means that the PSU meets the standard of running with a minimum of 82% efficiency. Cooling is provided by a 140mm variable speed fan to ensure that the PSU maintains silence and the proper temperature. Other features include a MTBF of over 100,000 hours, a five year warranty, and a full suite of power protection circuits.