Cooler Master V-series 1000W Power Supply

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While CPUs and video cards are often upgraded with regularity, components such as cases, storage, optical drives, displays, and power supplies are often reused when putting together a new build for budgetary reasons. These components have a much longer cycle in terms of technological improvement compared to CPUs as well as video cards and for the most part, last for several years before they require replacement. Once in a while, newer enthusiast-class video cards with longer form factors will come out and a newer case design that can house it is needed. Drives eventually fill up and additional drives or a larger capacity drive may take its place. When it comes to power supplies, the changes to the ATX standard are slow and minimal although efficiencies and affordability have been increasing so the market stays competitive and the demand remains healthy.

Cooler Master V1000 Power Supply


Although many details about Intel’s new Haswell processor remains undisclosed, the fact that it introduces new levels of power efficiency and thus power requirement is something many users are aware of. Older ATX12V v2.3 design guidelines only require a minimum load of 0.5A on the CPU power rail but the 4th generation Intel Core processor’s C6/C7 states deep power down mode require a much smaller minimum load of 0.05A. Thankfully, manufacturers such as Cooler Master are well aware of this requirement in advance so their latest line of V-series power supplies are fully compatible with the power requirements of this upcoming Intel platform.

Cooler Master V1000 Power Supply


The Cooler Master V-series 1000W power supply is the latest flagship model PSU from Cooler Master. The CM V-series also includes 700W and 850W models, all of which use a fully modular design like the 1000W model. Ditching the Silent Pro Hybrid’s Enhance OEM, the new V-series is based on a new Seasonic design and is 80-Plus Gold certified.  Unlike other power supplies including previous Cooler Master models, the V-series power supplies use a new premium-grade 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan from Protechnic Electric Co. that runs quieter and longer lasting.  The 1000W V-series PSU from Cooler Master supports up to Quad-SLI/Crossfire with its eight 6+2-pin PCI-E connector and has 83A on a single +12V rail. The Cooler Master V1000 power supply uses 100% Japanese capacitors for stability and high-reliability with protection for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection. The CM V-series 1000W power supply also has MTBF rating of >100,000 Hours and carries a 5-year limited warranty.