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Price Point

Price: $124.99 USD (

Class: Mainstream

With an estimated price point of $124.99 USD, the Thermaltake Smart M850W Power Supply is in the mainstream category of power supplies.

Reviewer's Opinion

Thermaltake was not wrong when they named the Smart M series for it has a well-balanced feature set that caters to a more budget-aware, yet discerning, crowd. Compared to the previous Smart series power supplies, Thermaltake chose a new platform with high-quality Japanese components and cable modularity for the new Smart M line. The modular cables are the slim type, so they are easily manageable and stealthier.  Although no 4-pin floppy connector is hardwired to the Smart M 850W, a 4-pin molex to 4-pin FDD adapter is included, which is actually the smarter way to incorporate this feature. Some users still use a fan controller or peripheral that requires FDD connectors, so including the adapter as an option is a good idea as it does not add length and clutter inside the case when the cables are managed.

There were some cost-saving measurements taken with the packaging as the bubble-wrap padding seemed spartan compared to typical power supply packages with thick cardboard and foam protection. Considering the feature advantages offered by the product, however, this is a minor concern, as the SP-M850W power supply will be packed in a bigger box if you purchase it from an online store anyway, making additional internal package protection redundant.

Available currently for $124.99, the Thermaltake Smart M 850W power supply is in-line with other hybrid modular 80 Plus Bronze power supplies when it comes to the price point. What separates the Smart M 850W from most however is the use of a 140mm fan and the 5-year warranty. Using a larger 140mm fan, the Thermaltake Smart M 850W can push out more heat from the internal components without ramping up to a higher RPM compared to a 120mm or 135mm fan. This obviously results in a quieter operation, although when pushing the load near maximum, the fan, understandably, can ramp upwards of 2400 rpm. While this is noticeably audible, it is not louder than a stock video card on the same system. Thermaltake’s 5-year warranty is impressive for a mainstream unit, compared to the typical 3-year warranty. Coupled with industrial grade protection, such as OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, etc. The Thermaltake Smart M 850W should last users at least three upgrade cycles. Overall, the Thermaltake Smart M 850W offers a good balanced feature set for the price, especially within a crowded market segment. The decision to provide 5-year warranty makes it a competitive offering and a much superior update to the original Smart series line.



  • 80 Plus Bronze
  • Industrial Grade protection
  • Flat modular cables
  • ErP Lot 6
  • High-quality Japanese Components
  • 5-year Warranty



  • Fan noise near full-load



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