Thermaltake Smart M 850W Power Supply Review

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Thermaltake Smart M850W Power Supply


When it comes to power supplies, there is almost no excuse to be inefficient with the number of affordable 80 plus rated power supplies in the market currently available. It doesn’t take somebody of Einstein’s mental acuity to see the advantages of using a highly efficient power supply. Aside from the cost of savings, highly efficient power supplies produce less heat, so it can also mean that it runs quieter since the cooling fan does not need to ramp up to a higher RPM compared to a power supply that is producing more heat. There are many 80 Plus Gold and Platinum rated models available currently but they are noticeably pricier. Users that need to stick to their budgets can be perfectly served with an 80 Plus bronze power supply with a decent feature set, such as one from Thermaltake’s Smart Series line.

Thermaltake Smart M850W Power Supply


The Thermaltake SP-850M power supply uses a high-efficiency circuit design rated 80 Plus bronze. The Thermaltake Smart M series 850W power supply has a powerful 70A on a single +12V rail and has four 6+2-pin PCIE connectors for multi-GPU Crossfire or SLI setups. Inside the SP-850M are high-quality Japanese and solid-state components which are kept cool with a 140mm fan while in operation. The Smart M 850W power supply’s modular cables utilize an easily-manageable slim design so chassis airflow is not obstructed. Aside from the 5-year warranty, a suite of industrial-grade protection including over-current, over-voltage, under-current, over-power and short-circuit protection offer comfort that the SP-850M will perform up to user expectations.