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Class: Mainstream Gaming

The Lepa G1000 Power Supply is in the mainstream gaming category of power supplies.

Reviewer's Opinion

Efficiency and quality are major ingredients in a successful system build. When you think about electronics, nothing runs without the electrical infrastructure. This is one of the biggest reasons why spending a little more on a PSU is important to have a long lasting system build. The LEPA G1000-MA PSU is an 80 Plus Gold rated power supply meaning that its efficiency is 87 percent or higher when placed under 100% load. Along with the efficiency, the best quality Japanese capacitors are used in the PCB and industry standard power protection circuits.

The test system that was used would be considered a high end enthusiast system, consisting of an i7-3930K at 4.6GHz and 2 GPUs consisting of an older inefficient GTX 590 and a more efficient GTX 670. With this system, we were able to pull close to 100% load on the PSU for 30 minutes. However, the LEPA G1000-MA is a true 1000 Watt PSU with a peak power of 1100 Watts, rather than some PSUs, which are advertised for their peak power. It was clear that even with this high end system a 1000W PSU was more than needed and only with a major overclock and using an older GTX 590 plus GTX 670 was it possible to pull close to 1000 Watts.

Oversizing the PSU in certain situations is a positive thing, the highest efficiency 80 Plus rated PSUs can provide is achieved between 50% and 60% load. So, in theory, while using a 1000 Watt PSU and a system that can produce a max load between 500 and 600 Watts, you will have the most efficient system while placed under load. However, while at idle the efficiency does drop some, so it is important to strike a balance with the PSU wattage rating versus the draw of the system.

It was obvious by the feel of the quality cables and finish on this power supply that it was designed to be placed in a high end system. However, just like we don’t just a book by its cover, you don’t judge a PSU by how it looks. It's about how it performs. In testing, the PSU had a low level of voltage drop when placed under higher loads, the 12 Volt rail only dipped .1 volts and is well with specifications. The 5.5 Volt rail was steady and did not budge, while the 3.3 Volt rail only dipped .02 volts. This proves that the four 12 Volt rails are well balanced and the PSU is more than capable of powering a high end system.

The LEPA G1000-MA 1000 Watt power supply easily meets the requirements of any gaming system, as well as enthusiast level machines. The quality of the external finish and modular cables match up with the internal PCB and Japanese capacitors to provide a steady stream of power to the system at an 80 Plus Gold level. The LEPA G1000-MA earns the HiTechLegion Gold award for its quality cables/finish, low voltage variation, and price point.



  • Semi-Modular Design
  • Braided Cables
  • Quality Matte Finish
  • Quiet Variable Speed Fan
  • 80 Plus Gold Rating
  • Well Balanced 12V Rails
  • Cable Length
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Protection Circuitry
  • 100% Continuous Load at 50 Degrees Celsius
  • Heavy Power Cord
  • 1100W Peak Power



  • No Cable Storage Bag



HiTech Legion Gold Award