OCCT (489W)

OCCT 3.3V Benchmark


OCCT 5V Benchmark


OCCT 12V Benchmark


Note: OCCT software readings for the +12V are not showing up correctly due to OCCT's incompatibility with the motherboard's voltage sensor. The multi-meter readings below show the physical measurements.

Multimeter Readings

  IDLE (182W)
40~50% Load (489W) 80~100% Load (973W)
+12V 12.09V 12.03V 11.97V
+5V 5.10V 5.06V 5.05V
+3.3V 3.36V 3.31V 3.29V


3DMark 11
  Graphics 1 Graphics 2 Graphics 3 Graphics 4 Physics Combined
+12V 12.03V 12.03V 12.03V 12.03V 12.01V 12.03V
+5V 5.05V 5.05V 5.06V 5.05V 5.06V 5.06V
+3.3V 3.30V 3.31V 3.31V 3.31V 3.30V 3.31V