Cougar PowerX 550 Watt PSU Review

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There are two words in the English language that have no perfect rhyming counterparts. Many are aware that nothing rhymes with “orange”, but much less has been made of the fact that nothing rhymes with “silver”. The fact that you can’t rhyme anything with “orange” is mentioned fairly often. There is even a comic named “Rhymes With Orange”. Naturally, this all goes out the window as soon as you bring a rapper or hip-hop group into the mix. By simple mispronunciation you can rhyme almost anything with “orange” (which Eminem did on 60 Minutes….”door hinge”? Really?). You would also have to be able to buy into the fact that “Maybach” rhymes with “lay back” for this to work.

Cougar PowerX 550W PSU


Maybe it’s a good thing that nothing rhymes with “orange”. It gives the word a certain unique flair. Trying to rhyme it is…well, like comparing apples and oranges, now isn’t it? Being unique is quite often a very good thing. It makes you stand out from the crowd, and it makes you memorable. For example, in a world of black, blue and red computer components, Noctua’s brown and beige fans may not necessarily be everyone’s taste, but they certainly stand out and are easily recognizable. Along the same vein, Cougar has launched their own color theme featuring…you guessed it…orange.

Cougar PowerX 550W PSU


Cougar’s new PowerX 550 Watt PSU uses an edgy black and metallic orange exterior treatment to make an immediate sensory impact. The Cougar PowerX 550 Watt PSU obviously brings more to the table than good looks, with an 80+ Bronze certification, dual 12V rails and some of the most advanced protection circuitry we have seen to date. In addition to the more typical protections included (OCP, SCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, OTP), the PowerX 550W adds OVP to the 5VSB to protect any devices plugged into the USB. To insure clean accurate power, the Cougar PowerX uses top quality Japanese capacitors, as well as an Active PFC circuit with PF up to 99% to make sure your equipment is getting the clean power it needs. The PowerX 550W is rated for continuous operation at 40 degrees Celsius, and an active 120mm fan keeps the PSU cool with a minimum of noise. The PowerX 550W conforms to all of the latest ATX specifications, and is ErP Lot6 2013 ready for minimal power draws.