Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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Tim Allen made man’s obsession with power a focal point of his show “Home Improvement”. It was a mocking of the mindset, but it really served to point out people’s (mainly guys) thoughts that you always need more, and you can never have enough. This doesn’t only go for power, of course, humans tend to be an inherently greedy bunch, but, back to power….how many times have you heard or seen in a movie, especially sci-fi, cries to increase the power? It’s countless. It doesn’t even matter if it makes sense. We just have had it pounded in to our heads that if something isn’t working, it needs more power. Forget subtlety, nuance or skill, power is the only thing that matters. If it breaks, it is only because it wasn’t built to handle the power that it needed, not because you gave it too much power…..right?

EVGA SuperNova NEX1500WPower Supply


There is kind of an odd oxymoron of trends going on right now. Components are becoming faster while becoming far more efficient and requiring far less power. Simultaneously, larger and larger PSUs are being introduced to the market. Strangely, at the same time, those PSUs, themselves, are becoming far more efficient, with the largest sporting 80+ Gold and Platinum ratings. So why are PSUs getting larger when component demands are becoming lighter? For starters, multiple GPU systems are becoming far more common, due to the fact that the popularity of PC gaming has exploded. What about the last gen of multi-GPU users? People who drop $1500 on their GPU setups aren’t so quick to make an upgrade when the newest thing comes out, it just isn’t cost effective. Besides, there isn’t a game around that three GTX 480s can’t handle. Problem is, until recently there haven’t been PSUs that could power those three 480s (or even 580s) comfortably. Let’s not even get into a pair of 590s or 6990s. The point being, though it seems that power needs are downsizing, there is still a real need for high power PSUs.

EVGA SuperNova NEX1500WPower Supply


As simple an item as a PSU seems, there are times when one really sticks out, like the EVGA SuperNova NEX1500 Classified. At 1500 Watts, the EVGA NEX1500 is certainly capable of massive power, but it’s the features that will get your eyebrows to raise. For starters, the NEX1500 is selectable single or multi-rail in its 12V operation, and can be “Overclocked” up to an impressive 1650 Watts (just in case 1500 Watts wasn’t impressive enough, already), with these ratings being continuous power. Not spikes or peaks, 100% continuous. Both the rail configuration and OC mode can be controlled by the included software which monitors and adjusts the PSU by way of USB header hookup. The included software is also capable of monitoring all input and output voltages and currents in real time, as well as temperatures and the internal 139mm Sanyo Denki fan. If software controls aren’t your thing, the NEX1500 Classified has dip switches to select your rail configuration, change OC mode, as well as set your fan to 100% or dynamic. The NEX1500 includes all top notch cables, including a 12g power cable to ensure the PSU sees all of the power your wall can give it. Component cables are all individually sleeved, with nicely braided outers in red for the 16 PCIe connectors and black for MB and peripherals. On the inside the NEX1500 uses Japanese solid caps and first tier components. To prevent problems, the full array of OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, OTP and OCP protection circuits are used. EVGA backs this up with an industry leading ten year warranty.